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ivyverdure sport anti chafing stick



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iVYVERDURE Active is a 100% vegan organic anti-chafing (friction) stick that protects your skin against rubbing during high intensity activity. Our advanced anti-friction formula prevents chafing, saddle sores, rashes, blisters, dry and cracking skin. 


When to Apply

Accurate application of iVYVERDURE Active is vital for its effectiveness. To prevent pain caused from chafing, apply a protective layer to all sensitive body areas before any skin irritation starts. 

Where to Apply

Apply to all body parts that are exposed to intense skin rubbing, such as arms, thighs, neck, between stomach and groin areas, and under breasts. iVYVERDURE Active is here to help you stay active! Our advanced formula is for all skin types and used by cyclists, runners, horse-riders, chefs, swimmers, skiers, divers, name it! 

How to Apply

Stretch gently over all body parts where skin is rubbed. Using our mess-free stick, you can easily add protective layers across sensitive areas without getting your hands dirty. 

Natural Protective Skincare

iVYVERDURE Active is vegan organic. Our advanced formula is free from BPA, paraben, animal-by-products, petroleum and silicones.

Product Specifications

iVYVERDURE Active is long-lasting, effective, sweat- and water resistant, for all skin types and easily applied using our mess-free stick.