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How to Deal with Chub Rub during Summer

summer chub rub

Summer is here and so is the dreaded chub rub. The oh so painful phenomenon that quite frankly, is a pain in the ass. The rub has been a reoccurring pain point for a loooong (!!) time and each year, it's the same story - I curse myself for not preparing for summer. Instead of spending winter months doing research on chafing remedies, the painful memories of the ordeal my poor thighs have had to endure magically disappear from my radar. 

So, what now?! We're right in the middle of a heatwave, and once again I haven't properly prepared. Am I going to spend another summer ruining my dear thighs? Oh hell no!! This summer I'm not going to contemplate moving to a colder part of the world when the chafe is at its worst, instead I'm going to free my legs from the usual denim and cargo pants. 

I need help. You need help. After reading countless threads on IG and FB, I know for a fact that chub rub is a massive problem! So here it is, some carefully chose advice that you'll wish you had come across much sooner. I know you will come to thank me, so here's a 'you're welcome!!'. We all need protection from the pain, sweat, and rubbed raw skin caused by one's thigh getting intimate with the other while we stroll around. 

Yup, it’s chub rub season – and this is how our community deals with it!

irelief by ivyverdure anti chafing stick preventing painful body glide and blisters.


iRELIEF by iVYVERDURE is a vegan organic anti chafing stick that can be applied to all sensitive areas that are exposed to skin friction. It prevents chafing, blisters and pain. The stick is also long-lasting, sweat- and water resistant, and can easily be applied straight from the stick without getting your hands dirty.  


Mild talcum powder used to prevent skin against skin chafing

2. Mildly Medicated Talc

Talc will prevent skin-to-skin friction and allow your thighs to gently glide past each other. The talcum powder however needs to be reapplied frequently to prevent chafing. 


deodorant used against skin chafing and chub rub

3. Deodorant

This isn't for everyone as the method has received mix reviews, but definitely worth a try. Apply deodorant to your thighs just like you would under your armpits. If this method is for you, the applied deodorant will make your thighs dry enough to prevent stick and chaff. 

First-time users are recommended to try this somewhere they're able to quickly wash it off. After having tried different types of deodorants, all it does is to glue my thighs shut. 


Use Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly to prevent skin chafing, body glide, anti chafing, anti chafe, anti chafing and blisters on sensitive body areas that rub against each other.

4. Vaseline Original Petroleum Jelly

Reduce any chaffing down there by liberally applying Vaseline in any areas that are going to rub up against each other while you’re moving.


Use cotton cycling shorts, comforts shorts, underwear shorts, bandelettes, or spanx to prevent skin against skin rubbing and chafing causing blisters

5. Create a physical barrier

This is by far my favourite method when my chafing has spiraled out of control. With blisters and burns om my thighs, the only solution is to completely prevent skin-to-skin contact. 

However, the thought of adding additional clothing during hot summer months does not appeal me. So unless the chub rub has seriously become unbearable, I'd recommend taking precautionary measures (refer to method 1-4) to avoid having to bear through warm summer months with extra layers of clothing. 

The thought of additional clothing when it’s boiling hot outside can be silly. This is however by far the best option for unbearable chub rub. Just make sure that your chosen barrier is made of lightweight material as your chub rub has to breathe in order to prevent fungus caused by chafing. 

Here are some suggestions;

  • Spanx
  • Comfort shorts
  • Underwear shorts
  • Bandelettes
  • Cotton cycling shorts 


Explanation to why you shouldn't shave if you're experiencing skin irritation and blisters from body chafing.

6. Avoid shaving

Shaving makes friction even more unbearable. Avoid this at all cost! 


 Rest your sore thighs after a long and sweaty day during which your thighs have gotten hot, sweaty, sore and red from body glide.


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iRELIEF by iVYVERDURE Product Ingredients

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iRELIEF by iVYVERDURE Product Ingredients

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